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Hawaii Sprint - Confirmed

  • From July 9th 2017 to July 22nd 2017
  • Hawaii, United States of America



Scuba Diving, Hiking, Surfing

Needed equipment

Equipment included in tuition, available on spot



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Zeal Adventure and Travel

Travel description

This travel is organized and realized by our partner Zeal Adventure and Travel and is reserved for young enthusiasts from 14 to 18 years old.
Hawaii is filled with incredible opportunities to explore, whether it’s culture, food, activities, or simply the natural beauty of the land and water. In this action packed 14-day expedition, we’ll do a little bit of everything! We stay on the North Shore of Oahu, world renowned for its big wave surfing. We hike to serene vistas, volunteer and get hands on experience with sea turtles and endangered Hawaiian monk seals, learn to surf, eat delicious local foods at an authentic luau, go SCUBA diving, visit Pearl Harbor, rush down mountains on a zipline tour, explore the lush countryside of Oahu, and tons more.

Community service is an essential component along the way. Community service days include working with sea turtles and the non-profit Malama na Honu, restoring a native Hawaiian forest with Waimea Valley Eco-Reserve, and supporting the endangered Hawaiian monk seal species. Only 40 Hawaiian monk seals make their home on Oahu; Zeal participants have the rare chance to work closely with these animals with the support of the Hawaii Marine Mammal Alliance.

Price per person

Easy pack: : 4060 €




Payment due by June 1st

Bank Account Details

Contact team@adventureaddicted.com to book your travel in Hawaii! We accept all major credit cards (no processing fee), check, and wire transfer.


The trip price covers all expenses related to activities, food, accommodations, in-trip travel, gear, and fees associated with parks and other destinations.

Not included

Please note the trip price excludes travel expenses to and from program. Participants are encouraged to bring $100-200 of spending money for optional purchases.

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