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About us


It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you never stop!

The Adventure Addicted project originates from the passion and the enterprising spirit of a small group of roman friends, that never miss the chance to escape from the daily commitments of the city life to cultivate the passion for outdoor sports. Our friendship began the day we met each other on a rugby field. Since our childhood we have been taught to practice sport and appreciate the pain in it as a needed path to achieve our goals.

We share together the stoke of being on the top of a mountain after a long hike, ready to ski our line down in the valley, or the emotion of facing breaking waves in a firing sunset. The reason why we never stop doing so, and we’ll never do, is embedded in the sensations all of us feel while doing what we love the most. Think about the screams, or the high-fives, that two buddies give to each other right after a perfect wave or at the end of a ski slope. Your hearts are pounding, you’re in the middle of an adrenaline rush. None of you can really explain what’s going on, but it’s great because you’re sharing the moment with somebody who’s experiencing the same feeling. But at some point, we’ve had enough of all the difficulties in organizing such adventures and started daydreaming about some ideal system which could facilitate the grouping process of action sport lovers.

About Us

Adventure Addicted is a platform that offers to every sport enthusiast the possibility to find the perfect companions, making unique emotions accessible to an ever-growing number of people. Our mission does not limit to the idea of sharing costs, but has its focus on creating synergies between individuals with the same sport passion.

The Adventure Addicted team members strongly believe in this project and that’s why we decided to do everything we can to allow every sport lover to get addicted to adventure. Needless to say, nobody wants our planet to be safeguarded more than we do. Adventure Addicted aims at being actively cooperative with no-profit organizations that fight for the preservation of the environment.

The Team

Pietro Lamaro, the current CEO, is an adventure seeker who fills all his free time mtb-biking, climbing, free-skiing and travelling around the world. His free spirit and open mind allow him to explore beyond his culture, always caring about his playground: nature. Currently he is a professional Rugby player.

Ottavio Colazingari, co-founder, agonistic boxer since his puberty, is now appreciating the beauty of globetrotting and action sports. In fact he is dedicating his energies and time in the practice of surf, scuba diving and freeski, permitting him to get in touch with the wild temperament he’s always had since he was a child.

Gabriele Simonetti, co-founder, has been a rugby player too, but since he finished high school, has focused his mind on sports which are practiced in nature, such as surf and freeski. This is bringing him immense joy and is freeing his soul, pushing him in new places around the world to find the perfect playground.

Alessandro Viale, who recently joined the Adventure Addicted team, has a background in motorsports. He competed in the Italian and European enduro championships for several years, then he quitted racing to focus on his university studies. He is also a truly devoted mountain biker, skier and surfer. Outdoor sports are simply his life fuel.