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General Conditions

1. Premise

The application “Adventure Addicted” is the property of: Adventure Addicted Srl (Ltd.) based in Via G. Pecci 15, 00165 Rome, Italy and is subject to the relative national norms and dispositions.

The service it supplies is offered exclusively for personal use and with non-commercial aims, regulated by the following conditions to be described here: in using the application, the user declares to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions herein to be described (including the information regarding the privacy law).

The finality pursued is to give the possibility to persons who register with us to publicise their own sporting initiatives in order to be able to practise them in company with whoever is interested. Marginally, it also aims to promote sporting events to participate in that are professionally organised by third parties.

2. Subject

The application offers its members the possibility of publicising, within the community, their intention to practise one of the organised sports, with the aim of finding other individuals interested in sharing and participating in the initiative.

The organised sports are the following: Freeskiing, Ski-touring, Snowboarding, Skiing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Trail Running, Hiking, Slack Line, Surfing, SUP, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Downhill Skate, Road Biking, Mountain Biking, Downhill, Enduro, 4x4 Offroad, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Spearfishing, Kayaking, Canoeing and Rafting.

The application also hosts and publicises a series of tourist/recreational/sporting initiatives to participate in, organised by professionals in the sector and which consent its users to book them up, thereby establishing a direct contractual relationship with the organisers.

It therefore in part provides a service which makes available information on events and initiatives of single sports practitioners interested in finding third parties to share in their participation. It also provides a service of intermediation, collecting for the organisers of tourist/recreational/sporting activities the bookings of their own members and providing the latter with their booking confirmations.

All the initiatives publicised contain information supplied by third parties, who are responsible for the same. The administrator of the application verifies the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information, but he is not responsible for any eventual errors or for information which is imprecise, misleading or false.

The services are offered exclusively for personal and non-commercial use. These services are free and available only for registered users, who have given us the following data: generalities, date of birth, email, mobile phone number, sports practised.

The application provides the user with the faculty of being able to make rapid mobile phone calls to pre-set numbers to which he/she can transmit their GPS position (latitude and longitude). The reception of the position depends on the mobile phone and the owner of the application has no possibility of intervening or of checking that it is functioning correctly.

The deletion of the user from the community is effected upon the specific request of the user in the apposite section.

3. Privacy

The application observes the privacy norms set out in the guidelines in the treatment of personal data for on-line profiles. The user utilising the application is held to the prior consultation of the same.

4. The free nature of the service

The service provided by the application is free in that no costs are debited.

For participation in tourist/recreational/sporting initiatives organised by professionals in the sector the latter will be remunerated according to a percentage of the sum cashed, to be paid to the administrator of the application after the user has made use of their services.

5. Prices

The activities of registering as a member of the community, administering data, publicising sporting initiatives, supporting those considered to be of interest are offered for free and do not entail any remuneration even indirectly.

The participation in tourist/recreational/sporting initiatives organised by professionals entail the payment foreseen by the relative organisers, which will be understood to be inclusive of IVA and all other taxes, unless otherwise stated.

In the case of non-participation, the user will be liable for any penalties indicated by the organiser in the information relating to the initiative.

In the case of cancellation by the organiser, the latter will be responsible to to the user who has booked via the application, also for the refund of the sum paid.

6. Payment

The process of booking is made via payment by credit/debit card. All payments are administered by the application on behalf of the organiser of the booked event and are transferred to the aforesaid person.

Payment will not be refunded except in cases expressly foreseen by the regulations governing the booked event. The booking of an event constitutes the acceptance and approving of the relative regulation, including the terms of cancellation.

Every user is held to verify with care the details of the regulations and conditions regarding the selected event before effecting the booking.

Payment using an invalid credit/debit card or with insufficient funds will entail the rejection of the booking.

7. Communications

The booking entails the agreement to receive SMS or E-Mail containing information about the destination, suggestions and offers.

The administrator of the application is not responsible for the communications that the organiser of the event sends directly to the user, nor can he guarantee that any request or communication sent to the aforesaid organiser will be received, read, dealt with and answered punctually.

In order to bring the booking to a successful conclusion it is necessary to provide a valid telephone number: no responsibility will be taken in the case of nonexistent or false mobile phone or credit card numbers being supplied.

Any eventual complaints or requests for refunds from the administrator of the application must be received peremptorily via registered letter within 30 days of the date of booking.

8. Judgement of reliability

The application foresees that, at the termination of every shared initiative, the users assign a score to the promoter and co-participants.

The score constitutes an index of reliability of the person and is not contestable, as it reflects a personal opinion.

It is based on multiple factors, constituted by Adventure Addicted, which make up the factors of an algorithm which determines the score.

The administrator of the application reserves the right, at his discretion, to modify or reject opinions which he believes to be unjustified.

9. Exoneration of responsibility

The administrator of the application does not know the application’s users, to whom a reliability score is assigned on the basis of feedback from those who have taken part in their initiatives. He is, therefore, not responsible for anything that can happen in the course of the shared sporting activities, for which every participant must verify beforehand the safety conditions, costs, modalities etc.

Given the limitations and clarifications indicated in the preceding points, the administrator of the application can be held responsible for damages effectively caused only if due to the non-observance of the present general conditions of the contract. However, the administrator of the application will not respond to users for damages caused by inadequate information supplied by promoters of the initiatives or by the organisers of the events, for the quality of the services offered by the latter, for violations of regulations committed by them or for the dangerous nature of the activity organised by them, in that the contractual bond for participation in initiatives and events is directly between the organiser and the user.

Any eventual damage such as physical injuries, death, destruction of objects or other consequences of errors, violations, serious blame, omissions, negligence, illicit acts performed by the organisers or by their employees can under no circumstances be charged to the administrator of the application.

Nor can he be held in any way responsible for strikes, bad weather conditions, cases of force majeure, or any other circumstances beyond his control.

In utilising the service offered by the application the user accepts that the organiser of the initiatives and events is always the sole person responsible for everything that happens during the activity including the payment for the services offered.

10. Ownership

The administrator of the application neither acts nor works as a seller of the products and services made available to the user.

The administrator holds exclusive rights in the matter of intellectual ownership of the application, of the graphic design and of the photos.

11. Deferment

For any unforeseen event, the reference is to Italian law.

The forum to decide any eventual controversies is that of Rome.

In the case of disputes or discrepancies between the Italian text and the translated one relating to the present conditions the Italian text will have precedence.